Director’s Statement

For me, this film, more than anything else, is about how art saved my life in the toughest times, and protected me from forgetting who I was. Art was always there for me- waiting for me, comforting me, expecting great things from me. It gave me meaning and language, tools and inspiration, hope and explanations. When everyone around you, and mostly you- want you to fit in, worried about your strangeness, art makes you want to stand out, demanding you to be different, and like yourself for who you are. And, surprisingly, covered in costumes, imaginary situations and dialogue- people like you for being different!

As a young outsider boy trying desperately to be normal, it took me a long time to realize that it’s actually great to be weird, as long as it’s only on stage. But once I did- I had a new goal: to be on stage as much as I could. I owe this film to the young 12-year old me, a newly immigrated Israeli living with his family in Houston, Texas. He was such a believer, such a hard-worker, so committed to his art, so passionate about trying to excite and entertain an audience. He never gave up, kept up putting new shows every day- trying to get closer and closer to his vision. 

I hope this film will speak to all the other immigrants constantly being cast as background trees, to all the outsiders still trying to fit in, and to all the dreamers who will do whatever it takes to prove that “a tree isn’t just a tree”. 
— Omer Ben-Shachar