Poster released!

FINAL 11-17.png

Hello little trees!

We are pleased to announce the release of our poster.

Thanks to the talented Talia Drigues for creating this beautiful poster, and Chris Sorelle for the photo! And all thanks to this magical group of people who made the film happen:

Producer Iris Yang
DP Zilong Liu
Editor Yinong Xia
Production Design Katia Nájera
Co-writer Sydney Meadow
Costume Designer Jenevieve Wiegman
Make-up & Hair Mira Tal-hershkovitz
Music by Claudio Olachea
Casting Natalie Ballesteros & Carla Hool
Sound Mixing Nathan Ruyle & This is Sound Design
Color by MTI Film
Credit Design Muriel Naim
First AD Jason Allen
UPM Mengyu Candice Dong

And so many more!

From all of us, many thanks!